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Curriculum vitae

I am a Python Developer with over 3 years of experience. I have an engineering degree in robotics and my main areas of interest are signal processing and embedded systems. Working as a DevOps engineer provided me with experience in both development and system administration. I have been a team lider both in a private and commercial projects.


Python Engineer @ Unitem Software

Python programmer in the Crane Safety project, a device that uses a system of depth and RGB cameras to recognize the life threats of factory workers.

  • Development of the MLOps pipeline for training convolutional neural networks.
  • Generated synthetic training sets.

Vicepresident of Software @ Clone Incorporated

Co-founder of startup building an anatomically accurate robotic hand actuated with hydraulic muscles. I participated in the project before commercialization for few years, and helped build the company around it. Video presentation: https://youtu.be/guDIwspRGJ8/

  • Direct management of a team of 6 developers.
  • Development of a control system in Python that collects sensor data, monitor and actuates the robot.
  • Simple CI pipeline running on self-hosted Gitlab instance.
  • Simulation in MuJoCo, hand recognition with depth camera.